Repair Shop Coach – Sucessful Shop Owners Training Bundle



Want to take your shop to the next level? Are you looking for some fresh new ideas? Are you tired and just can’t seem to get ahead?

Get the information you need in the Successful Shop Owners video series. Sharing 50 years of combined experience to help better your business.


RSC-13 Exit Strategy: So What’s Your Business Worth

In our first video, we discussed the following: Whether your twenty-five or sixty-five, every shop owner will someday be planning on selling or exiting their shop. We discussed where “Real Value” is acquired and look into who your prospective buyers may be. Most shop owners over-estimate the value of their business.  Ever wonder what your […]

RSC-14 Profit Killers “Time”

This course is the first in a three-part series about the profit killers most shop owners face and may not even be aware they exist. In this video, we cover the profit killer “Time.” We’ve all heard the phrase “Time is money.” That rings true, especially in today’s shop, when for the most part we […]


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