Technology With Vision

The automotive industry has become increasingly globalized during the last two decades. For automotive suppliers, this has led to global cutthroat competition, with many previously independent companies losing their independence. Whereas there were 30,000 independent automotive suppliers worldwide towards the end of the 1980's, this number had declined to 8,000 ten years later. And today this figure has decreased further still – to 2,500. HELLA has so far successfully managed this selection and consolidation process as an independent family-owned company, not least because of its clear company philosophy which is based on a comprehensive understanding of quality. This understanding extends not only to product quality issues but also all activities of the company.

Product Knowledge


Hella – Checking and Replacing the Intelligent Battery Sensor

Hella – Replacement of the Accelerator Pedal Transmitter

Hella – Evidis (Evaporator Interior Disinfection Treatment)

Hella – Exchange of the Throttle Valve

Hella – Exchange of the Air Mass Meter

Hella – Exchange of the Pressure Sensors

Hella – Rinse the Cooling System (EC)

Hella – Filter Exchange

Hella – Exchange of the Lambda Probe

Hella – Ajusting a Headlight with the Beamsetter

Hella – Adjustment Diagnosis with Automatically Headlight Range Control

Hella – Professional Change of a Compressor

Hella – Analysis of Refrigerant with Inspector

Hella – Exchange of the Brake Pad & Disc

Hella – Troubleshooting on Externally Controlled Compressors/Supercharger

Hella – Venting the Brake System and Exchange the Brake Fluid

Hella – Post Venting the Brake System

Hella – Preventing the Hydraulically Brake System

Hella – Checking on the Concentricity of the Brake Disc

Hella – Service on Radar Sensor

Hella – Brake Test

Hella – Noise Generation in the Conditioning Compressor

Hella – Measurement of the Different in Thickness on the Friction Ring

Hella – Checking on the Concentricity of the Wheel Hub

Hellla – Change of Coolant

Hella – Components of an Electrical Car/Vehicle

Hella – Electrical Vacuum Brake

Hella – Remote Car Key

Hella – Repair Information on Rain Light Sensor

Hella – Parking Distance Control Service

Hella – Changing of LED Headlamp

Hella – Service for the (Power) Generator

Hella – Guide Pin/Bolt On Floating Caliper Brakes

Hella – Replacing Parking Brake/ Handbrake