Sustainable Manufacturing isn't our vision. It's our reality.

For 30+ years, BBB has been a pioneer in sustainable manufacturing. An industry that’s part of the circular economy by virtue of what it does -- extend and improve the useful life of critical auto parts.


Product Knowledge


BBB Training: Programmable Module Installations

Step by step video screen capture of driving to the OE website and doing a reprograming procedure.

BBB Training: Sample Diagnosis

This video focuses on diagnostics and scan tool procedures specific for EPAS.

BBB Training: Reprogramming Theory

In this video viewers will learn the importance of reprogramming and tools required for a successful reprogram. An estimated 60% of vehicles in operation require...

BBB Training: EPAS Tools

This video covers essential testing equipment and tools needed for a proper EPAS repair.

BBB Training: CAN BUS Theory

This video focuses on nodes and modules and explains how the communication with software, redundant wiring, connectors and sensors work.

BBB Training: EPAS Theory 101

This video provides a brief introduction to how the EPAS system works using logic from the hydraulic system. Including in this video is also information...