A passion to empower

As a family-owned company, their mission is to help make lives better, one battery at a time. They are proud to have a significant impact by operating the largest single-site battery manufacturing facility in the world – and they've only just begun! In 1946, they started out as a family-owned company and that hasn’t changed since. As a family of employees, they are making the products that are helping to empower people’s lives. Their business model has been highly focused on recyclability and the conservation of natural resources, which has enabled us to be a good neighbor and successfully build products with sustainability in mind.


Product Knowledge


East Penn Deka: Providing Battery Solutions

How to Properly Diagnose, Service and Sell Batteries - Take the time to learn in this short course, how to properly check a battery, identify...

East Penn Deka: General Battery Knowledge

Terminology and Product Knowledge to assist you in determining the correct battery for the customers needs and vehicle.

East Penn Deka: Keep Safe and Know the Facts

Safety Measures and how to determine battery applications and use.

East Penn Deka: Selling Up from Flooded to AGM

Understanding the differences and benefits that AGM batteries have over Standard Flooded Batteries. Questions that should be asked to upsell to an AGM.

East Penn Deka: Lawn & Garden Batteries

Proper fit for Maintenance Free batteries in Lawn & Garden equipment use. Know what batteries to sell or recommend for your customer.

East Penn Deka: Choosing the Right Marine Battery

Know the types of Battery..Flooded, AGM, or Gel. Determine what use it will be getting: staring motor, trolling motor, auxiliary motor, each category demands a...