“West Virginia To Kentucky” – Interactive Mobile Training The Group Training Academy EV Tour

March 11, 2021

March 10, 2021 – Morgantown, WV to Ft. Wright, KY

John did such a great job of putting together the last blog I tried to bribe him into taking the job over full time with a big bag of chocolate cakes and a case of Diet Pepsi, but my offer was kindly refused. Between chews, I think he said something about it was time I started earning my keep, but I might have been mistaken.

I apologize for this posts' lateness. We've been so busy at AVI there just isn't enough time in the day sometimes to get it all done. I'll endeavor to stay on top of things, as we have so much to offer as a company and feel like although we have a great client base, we are sometimes one of the industry's "best-kept secrets." Maybe this narrative will help get the word out on what we do.

Morgantown, WV-to-Norton, OH-to-Ft. Wright, KY, took us about eight hours with traffic and construction, but a somewhat calm and uneventful trip. I did a quick stop at Walmart before arriving at John's place to pick up some road food (mentioned above) and some DEF for the truck. Everyone should visit Walmart at 5:30 am at least once… it's… interesting. Loaded Mr. Forro's luggage, hitched the trailer, and off we go to Kentucky.

The drive was without controversy, but we did have a minor issue on arrival. Sometime between Ohio and Kentucky, we damaged a trailer tire with what looks like a tread separation. Nothing like an all-day drive to prepare you for trailer tire R&R. We first tried fixing the tire with our air compressor and then the cardinal sin of "Fix-a-Flat" as we didn't think our 2-ton jack would lift the trailer with the car inside. John will take all the credit for changing the tire, and who am I to disagree? After trailer repair, it was off to the hotel to catch up on emails and get ready for the next day's training.

We're getting into a groove with the roadshow and are learning so much about what the technician needs and how to deliver it. Events such as this definitely help us to learn how to serve you better.

Stay tuned to this blog, as we hope to bring you updates on this tour as it goes, both the good and not-so-good, all the way through to its' conclusion on March 27 in Fort Myers, Florida, TGTA's world headquarters.

If you are interested in finding out how to bring TGTA live training to your area, contact us at Phone: 1-800-718-7246 | Email: support@thegrouptrainingacademy.com. We will be adding tour stops for the EV classes and additional content on such topics as advanced diesel diagnostics, ADAS, and light, medium, and heavy-duty braking systems.

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