The Story Behind “The Module Flash” AVI Parody Video

October 26, 2022


The production crew was sitting around the conference table with Dave Hobbs after a long, hard day of shooting. Halloween was approaching and someone came up with the idea: Could we do a spoof of the classic “Monster Mash” song, but do a “Module Flash” version, a parody song. Dave went right to work on the lyrics. It didn't take long. It was good. It was corny, sure,… but it was good.

Putting together the set was a fun challenge. We made a module costume out of a large cardboard box, with a home-made harness so it could be worn by the actor, painted it, and dressed it up so we had a dancing module. Bring in a workbench, a smoke machine, a funnel, a bunch of bottles of PAG oil, and my favorite touch, we found it at the last minute by chance, an old hearse. It belonged to the owner of a nearby repair shop, and they parked it out front draw attention to BC Auto Repair, "We Bury our Competition". He loved the idea and loaned us the perfect prop for our Halloween video.

Master videographer David Cintron added some computer generated, movie magic and voila! The Module Flash was brought to life!

We cast our great friend, Sherie Shaw’s husband Butch, to play the mad scientist/auto tech. He was perfect for the part and said he had the time of his life shooting the video. He was quite convincing, what a great actor! Add a couple of Igors, the Module Flash Dancers, and a lot of fog, we had us a music video.

Working for AVI for the last bunch of years, it’s amazing how the sometimes seemingly wacky ideas are shaped into these creative masterpieces. Anyone remember, “Who killed Dr. Stoichiometric?” How about another parody song, the 609 certification song? Great stuff. I wonder what we’ll come up with next?