The Story Behind “High Voltage Avenue” AVI Parody Video

November 10, 2022



The creative minds at AVI have a new parody music video to call attention to the enormous need for good, qualified EV and hybrid technicians in our industry. A lot of EVs and hybrids will be out of warranty and needing service. A lot of those vehicle owners will be looking for an alternative to going to the dealership. Get ready to be that alternative.

Picking a song to parody for this topic was, of course, a “no brainer”. Eddy Grant’s, “Electric Avenue”, is just a great song in it’s own right. We switched out “electric” with “high voltage” and came up with some fun, catchy lyrics urging techs to, “get some real good training”. We kept the reggae feel by hiring a dreadlocked reggae singer from a local club and utilized our green screen for some of the footage. We then packed everything up and headed over to the Ft. Myers Technical College to do some shooting in an actual technical classroom setting.

Now would be a good time to recognize and thank everyone who helped make the magic happen. Mr. Grant, of course. Paul, for hatching the idea. Vance, who put it all together. JJ found the music and provided the instruments for props. George for his lip-syncing talents and at least 5’ dreads. FMTC automotive instructor Monty Hamsher and his class and Steve, for the parody songs lyrics, and prop and set building.

Team AVI is dedicated to providing today’s modern vehicle techs and students the latest, most current information and technical knowledge to keep them at the top of their game, ensuring their customers a safe, reliable and enjoyable driving experience. AVI… Your Training Starts Here!

Working for AVI for the last bunch of years, it’s amazing how the sometimes seemingly wacky ideas are shaped into these creative masterpieces. Anyone remember, “Who killed Dr. Stoichiometric?” How about another parody song, the 609 certification song? Great stuff. I wonder what we’ll come up with next?