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Product Description

ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST – In Part 2 of our Diagnostic Strategies Series, this HD Broadcast will cover fuel delivery. As with Part 1 on air induction, this course covers the diagnostic step-by-step routines technicians use. Your instructor, Ron Bilyeu has over 30 years of experience and will share his knowledge of the following topics:

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding different Varieties of fuel systems are covered, including GDI
  • Understanding volumetric Efficiency Testing
  • Understanding Fuel Pump Testing using traditional methods and low current with a labscope
  • Understanding Short Term and Long Term Fuel Trim diagnostics
  • Knowing the O2 sensor effects on fuel delivery

Once you have a solid foundation it does not matter what make, model or test equipment you use. You’ll be more efficient as a technician by enrolling our course, Diagnostic Strategies: Fuel Delivery today!


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