LBT-84 Getting Technical with Your Tech 2 with Bob Augustine


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Bob Augustine of Vetronix knows his diagnostic equipment and he can help you really get to know your tech 2. Without his expertise you may never know all the awesome things this tool can do. Get technical with your scan tool so you can rev up your diagnostic efficiency.

In this program Bob covers how to use your labscope for no communication problems and why you should know how to do this. He explains class II diagnostic systems, terminology, the difference between class C Bus and Can Data and “Loop and Ring” Bus configurations. He also shows you how to determine priority status of the control module and how to test with splice pack connectors and star connectors.

This course provides information on using the 16 pin DLC and explains what it tells you. Bob also shows you how to verify your testing, verifying class 2 modules status and their operation on the Bus, isolating modules for testing and gives you shortcuts to test them.

Runtime: 90 minutes

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