LBT-196 Genisys EVO with Jim Wilson


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You invested in the latest OTC scan tool, now learn how to use it. This class goes beyond buttonology to show you all that you can do with this tool so you can get the most out of your investment. With EVO and AVI training, you can take your diagnostics to the next level.

Jim will show you how to run a DTC check, what the automated system test is and how to use it. He will teach you how to use Pathfinder for troubleshooting, guide you through message monitor tests and show you how to create a custom database. You will learn how to use EVO for diagnostics on Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles.

This class covers testing main components, bi-directional controlling, EVAP testing and how to diagnose EVAP DTC’s with EVO. Jim provides useful information on tests such as drive cycles, MODE $06, misfire monitors, TSB’s and more.

Runtime: 105 minutes

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