Delphi Training Series: Diesel Injector Do’s & Don’ts



ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST – In this program, we’ll go over what you need to know to stay up to date with diesel injector diagnostic & replacement tips for light duty and heavy duty trucks.

Topics Covered:

  • Common Rail Technology 101
    • Injector types including UEI, HUEI, Solenoid Type, and Piezo
  • Common Diesel Injector Failures
    • Contamination, lubrication and leakage
  • Injector Replacement Tips and Tricks
    • Pressure & HV safety, ohmmeter testing and HV leak tester hands on demos
  • Injector Coding and Diagnosis Do’s and Don’ts
    • HD Cat trim codes, factory vs. aftermarket scan tools and Piezo injector scope demo


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