LBT-262 IDS VCM 2 with Mark DeKoster




New to IDS, or using the VCM or VCM II for the first time? This program provides step by step instructions on how to setup your VCM or VCM II with the new subscription service. This service is mandatory for VCM II modules and is required if your going to be fixing 2013 cars and newer. In this IDS VCM II program, ASE Instructor Mark DeKoster, takes you through the VCM II Subscription process, setting up your VCM II on your PC, moving the VCM II from PC to PC, as wells as perform hands on demonstrations to help you become a better technician in the shop tomorrow & make more money.

• Installing IDS On Your PC
• Installing IDS On The VCM
• IDS Update Installing Methods
• Troubleshooting IDS Update Issues
• Checking For Trouble Codes
• Customizing PID View
• Programmable Parameters & As Built Data
• Uploading VCM Data To A PC
• Powertrain Testing With The IDS
• Mode 6 Testing With The IDS
• Connecting To The PTS Website
• 2004 Grand Marquis Case Study
• Vehicle Misfire Case Study
• Lincoln Town Car Case Study

Runtime: 120min.


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