LBT-230 OTC TPMS with Jim Wilson




OTC’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System course covers the essential training you need to service TPMS installed tires.

Jim Wilson guides you through the fundamentals of the OTC TPR tool and a review of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, as well as detailed techniques on how to properly service TPMS.

Since most TPMS utilize a valve stem sensor and many include run-flat tires, special attention is given to the step-by-step procedures for handling these assemblies.

Jim shows you:

  • The background history of the TPMS
  • New tools in the market
  • The difference between direct systems and in-direct systems.
  • Resetting Ford and Chrysler systems
  • Replacing and reinstalling sensors
  • And hands-on/live vehicle training

Watch the OTC TPMS class today and repair the next TPMS tire that comes in your shop.

Runtime: 90 minutes

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