LS-35 MACS 2016 Mobile A/C Update



ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM- There’s a lot to know in the ever-changing world of Mobile A/C, and MACS and AVI have got you covered! What’s up with this new refrigerant we’ve been hearing about? Is there new equipment my shop is going to need? How will we service this next generation of vehicles? Join Steve Schaeber, MACS Manager of Service Training for this highly informative, up-to-date seminar, covering the latest from the leader in mobile A/C.

Topics Covered:

  • Refrigerant Identification
  • Accurate Temperature Testing
  • A Few “Cool” New Features
  • Do You Need New Equipment?
  • J3030 “Multi-Refrigerant” Machines
  • R/R/R Equipment & Service Time
  • Update on Refrigerant Regulations, R-1234yf, CO2 & Section 609 Certification


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