LBT-272 MACS A/C Temperature Testing




MACS A/C Temperature Testing

This is a fast-paced, hour-long training class on determining variations in refrigerant charge using precise measurements of temperature. In this video, Steven Schaeber of MACS teaches you how to measure temperatures from the inlet to outlet ports on various HVAC components and explains how this can be applied when determining the malfunction of any A/C system. This class is available streaming on the web, DVD and manual.

  • Identifying Sealant
  • Identifying Refrigerant
  • Coolant Voltage Test
  • Temperature Testing Tools
  • Pre and Post Recovery Diagnostics
  • Temperature Drop Diagnosing
  • Evaporator Temperature Testing
  • Condenser Temperature Testing
  • Case Studies on Both Orifice Tube and Expansion Valve Systems

Runtime: 85 minutes
Manual Included


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