LBT-224 A/C Best Recommended Practices with Bob Pattengale




Automotive Video presents a brand new training program on air conditioning fundamentals with Bosch Field Sales Technical Trainer Bob Pattengale.

Today, virtually every car has air conditioning, and virtually every car is going to need to have that air conditioning serviced from time to time. In this 75 minute training program, Bob focuses on the best recommended practices: the steps that you need to take long before you hook up an air conditioning machine. Are the belts in good condition? Are there any leaks in the system? Is the heater valve stuck open? Do you have a dirty cabin air filter?

This program is intended to cover the fundamentals of what makes the A/C system work on newer vehicles and the best recommended procedures for diagnosis and repair. Bob will help you avoid the common, costly mistakes that affect your bottom line. He will cover things like identifying refrigerants, recharging the system, replacing components and purging air from the system. Also learn about the new J-2788 standard, approved refrigerants and repair procedure regulations.

  • Initial system examination
  • Performance Testing
  • Attaching Temperature Probes
  • Refrigerant Blends
  • Monitoring Pressure
  • Analyzing Readings
  • Case Study on Pontiac G6
  • Charging System
  • System Review
  • Top 11 A/C System Repair Mistakes per MACS Surveys

Join Bob and AVI as we focus on how to get the job done right every time with some great best practices you can easily follow.

Runtime: 75 minutes



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