LS-1 Toyota Key Off EVAP Testing with Bob Pattengale

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ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM –  Bob Pattengale from Robert Bosch, LLC will be covering Toyota EVAP Diagnostics: geared towards automotive service technicians, hosted right here at AVI OnDemand! Bob Pattengale will cover Toyota Key-Off EVAP. This system started appearing in ’05, and is now the primary system used on Toyotas today. We will look at how the system operates from a step-by-step component basis process. Then look at the diagnostics, how to test the system and alternative methods for looking for leaks within the system. The goal is to help technicians diagnose these systems quickly and accurately.

  • Toyota’s Key Off Pump Module
  • Operating Modes · Is There a P0 Code?
  • Using a Scan Tool to Find a Leak
  • Using a Smoke Machine to Find the Leak
  • Toyota Key Off Adaptors
  • Checking the Filtration System
  • Confirming No Leaks are Present in the System


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