LBT-460 Engine Management: The Chrysler Way


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Chrysler engine management tends to be different than other manufacturers in many way. There are some misconceptions technicians often have that slow the diagnostic process. What you may have heard about Chrysler engine management and what’s really going on can be quite different. This course will features hands-on testing techniques to help fix Chrysler vehicles right the first time!

Topics Covered:

  • Changes in modern Chrysler Engine Control Systems
  • Speed Density Review
  • Narrow and Wide-Band O2 Sensors
  • Fuel Trim / Adaptives
  • Misfire Monitor and Adaptive Numerator
  • Fuel Pump Control Modules

Course Objectives:

  • Review key basic starting and injection operation common in Chrysler gasoline aspirated and injected engines
  • Examine starter relay types and identify DTCs and operational issues related to ASD
  • Compare and contrast control circuit grounds and returns
  • Observe fuel calculation feedback to diagnose fuel adaptive related problems
  • Review operation and potential diagnostic challenges of Narrow Band Oxygen Sensors
  • Review operation and potential diagnostic challenges of Wide Band Oxygen Sensors
  • Examine Cam and Crank Position Sensor operation and review changes employed on modern Chrysler vehicles

Runtime = 98 Minutes

Credit Hours = 2.75