LBT-317 Power Up Your Power Stroke Skills – 6.4L



Powerstroke 6.4L was not used by Ford for many years. It was used from mid 2007 to 2010. The 6.4L brought about the use of the aftertreatment system and common rail injection.

The AVI video training will include information and diagnostic procedures related to this engine. Instruction will include:

  • Common rail information and care
  • Contamination and fuel injection pump review and diagnosis
  • Fuel trim, analyzing fuel adjustments made by the PCM
  • Turbocharger issues, oil and boost issues, a review of the dual turbos used.
  • Piezo common rail injector operation and the inverse injector test
  • Aftertreatment, a review on the Diesel Oxidation catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Cause for oil dilution and premature engine issues such as broken rocker arms.

The video training will be using service information and give brief examples of typical tests and data (PIDS) used during diagnosis.

Runtime: 70 mins
Manual Included


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