AVI Live Webinar: Diesel Diagnostics Review



Archived Webinar – Issue – do you really know your diesel and all the subsystems? Let’s be straight about this, service information is not always clear! What do you do when a DPF is prematurely ash loaded? What is really causing soot accumulation in a DPF? Do you understand what a diagnostic trouble code is? There is a list of items that we deal with in everyday driveability diagnostics that need to be known and understood.

In this webinar, Tony Salas, will discuss various issues found on GM Duramax Diesels, Ram Cummins 6.7L and Powerstroke 6.7L. With over thirty years of experience, he will demonstrate issues he has come across in repairing and preventing issues with these powertrains. Many shops are now diagnosing 2017 and 2018 trucks with fuel, turbo and aftertreatment issues. These newer trucks have added dash lights and messages that will be discussed for a better understanding of the diagnostic approach for service and/or repair. Other essential topics to be reviewed are fuel systems, electronics and intake induction. As costly as newer diesel trucks are, the more the value and cost of maintenance and repair.

If you are a service writer, technician or involved in a drive-in service shop, your ability to understand what a diesel needs will provide for a successful repair and good customer relations.

Original Air Date – April 22, 2020


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