ASE-A9 Test Prep Light Vehicle Diesel



A9 is one of the most difficult tests. Take the fast track to passing the ASE A9 exam! You are guaranteed to find information in this program that you will not find elsewhere. The complete training program covers Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax, VW TVI, Sprinter.

To pass the A9 test there are many different systems you will need to be proficient in such as High Pressure Common Rail, HEUI Injection Systems, TDI systems, as well as engine repair and diagnosis. The A9 test will challenge you on your knowledge and proficiency for light duty diesel. This training program will get you up to speed by covering all the core emissions content including Diesel Exhaust Fluid and urea which is water plus a chemical that will need to be refilled in all diesel trucks starting in 2010 models and going forward. It’s probably not on the test now, but will be a hot topic coming up since it will be a new requirement.

Runtime: 233 minutes



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