LBT-356 ZF Suspension Systems



Ford F150 in Steering & Chassis Technology

ZF/TRW chassis systems are present in every second car on our planet. This shows the large OE business what TRW is representing. During this class you will get an in depth look into TRW chassis technology on a Ford F150, starting with the foundations of chassis dynamics and different axle systems like MacPherson and Multi-link suspension systems.

The participant will understand why the count of control arms is increasing in today’s vehicles like the Ford F150, and why low friction ball joint generation is so important for servicing current vehicles.

Electro-mechanical steering systems was the first step to autonomous driving and vehicles like the Ford F150 is equipped with this system.

TRW is as well one of largest steering systems producers and the participant will learn the influence of these systems to the suspension system. Replacing, servicing and diagnostic of this system will be taught as well.

The participants will also learn how to service and diagnose older hydraulic steering systems in the Ford F150 and the instructor will share experience of errors and reasons for failures of hydraulic steering systems. One of the biggest mistakes we witness technicians making is the assumption it’s automatically the pump when they diagnose the steering heaviness. There are a couple of different reasons for this to happen, which the participant will learn, as well as where noises in these systems are coming from and how they are being fixed.

After completing this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe components within the suspension system
  • Explain different chassis angles and angle settings
  • Describe Kamm’s circle
  • Differentiate between popular chassis systems
  • Describe multi-link suspension system
  • Identify electric steering systems
  • Describe common failures related to the suspension in steering systems
  • List basic components of steering technology
  • Explain hydraulic steering errors
  • Describe how to maintain the hydraulic system



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