LBT-332 Modern Chassis Technology



ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST – The foundations of chassis dynamics are reviewed. Details of how the chassis angles, such as toe, caster and camber, are influenced with different settings. Concluding with a short summary of Kamm’s circle.

Electro-mechanical steering solutions will be summarized. The main focus is on the most popular electro-mechanical steering rack, namely dual pinon type (DP). Explanations about the functions, diagnostics and the sensors will be covered. The initialization and activation procedure will be discussed as well as settings of the steering angle sensor.

All current driver assistance systems which have an influence on the steering and brake system will be described. An overview about the abbreviations, such as ACC, PLA, Line Assist and Emergency Braking will be given. The attendee will learn the functions and impacts of radar and camera systems on driver assist system, and how to calibrate these systems.

After completing this training the participant will be able to:

  • Describe components within the suspension system
  • Explain different chassis angles and angle settings
  • Describe Kamm’s circle
  • Explain functions of the electro-mechanical-steering rack and its sensors
  • Describe common failures in a steering system
  • Discuss the commonality of active return and wheel caster
  • State the importance of straight line stability of steering systems
  • Identify different driver assist functions and their operations
  • Describe functions and impacts of radar and camera systems
  • Show settings of radar and radar systems