LBT-413 Computer Controlled Cooling Systems



Do you understand the workings of today’s computer-controlled cooling systems and components? Cooling components and the networks that control them are becoming more complex, and knowing how they operate and interact with each other is essential for efficient and cost-effective diagnostics.

In this course, instructor Dave Hobbs will explain modern cooling systems and their components’ workings, including electronic thermostats, electric cooling fans, electronic viscous clutch fans, solenoid controls for coolant flow, active grill shutters, active air dams, and electronic water pumps.

Using case studies and Dave’s extensive experience, this course will show the technician how to profit from these complex components, focusing on best practices, system diagnosis, and repair.

Topics Covered:

  • Electronic Thermostats
  • Electric Cooling Fans
  • Coolant Flow Solenoid Controls
  • Active Grill Shutter and Air Dams
  • Electronic Water Pumps


  • Generalize Electronic Automotive Thermostats
  • Understand Electric Cooling Fans
  • Discuss Solenoid Controls for Coolant Flow
  • Summarize Active Grill Shutters and Air Dams
  • Understand Electric Water Pumps

Runtime = 124 minutes
Credit Hours = 3


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