LBT-175 The Competition for Your Customers Loyalty with Bill Haas




J.D. Powers and Associates estimates that one customer’s loyalty is worth $7,000 over the life of their vehicle. Wouldn’t you like to keep their maintenance and repair money coming back into your shop? It is less costly to gain loyal customers than to attain new ones. Loyal customers and their repeat business are the foundation of a successful shop and AVI can help you keep your customers coming back.

You might be surprised by the reason customers leave you and go to another shop, and in this program, Bill Haas tells you the #1 reason this happens. He gives you a loyalty checklist and explains the most important feedback you should be getting from your customers, and why it’s so vital to the success of your shop.

This program helps you understand the difference in the cost of attaining new customers versus having a base of loyal customers. Would you like to know what your competition is doing to take customers away from your shop? Bill can help you keep your customers from going to the competitors.

  • Take the customer survey on what’s most important to them
  • Embracing the independent repair shop’s unique challenges
  • This is a MUST SEE for ALL your employees

Runtime 1.75 hours