Philips Automotive Lighting History & Product Portfolio



This product contains 5 courses in the Philips Training Portfolio. you will learn about the history of Philips lighting, lighting for the aftermarket, different bulb technologies and types, LED lighting and bulb replacement. In this series, you will need to follow the order in which the classes are listed (you can’t start part 2 until you complete part 1, etc.)

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Philips – Part 1 Automotive Lighting Yesterday and Today

Philips has delivered vehicle lighting to auto manufacturers since 1914. Since our founding, we’ve continued to provide innovations in lighting technology to the automotive industry. Our innovations have included the introduction of halogen, Xenon/HID, and LED automotive lighting technologies.

Philips – Part 2 Automotive Lighting for the Aftermarket

We offer complete lighting programs for both retail and commercial customers. That makes Philips a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for every channel’s lighting needs.

Philips – Part 3 Bulb Technologies and Types

There are over 500 different bulbs in use in cars on the road today

Philips – Part 4 LED Lighting

Philips Vision LEDs let drivers take their lighting to the next level.

Philips – Part 5 Bulb Replacement

Maintaining optimal lighting is both an important safety service for the customer and a profit opportunity for the service retailer.


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