ShopOwner Series – Technician Bundle



The ShopOwner Series Technician Bundle offers technical training on specific vehicle components or systems. Technicians will learn valuable information including time saving tips and troubleshooting procedures designed to help them diagnose and complete vehicle repairs in a more effective way.


CM-T-01 Battery Health Can Impact Other Systems

This course covers how battery health can impact other systems.

CM-T-02 Blower Motor Circuit Diagnostic Procedures

This course covers blower motor circuit diagnostic procedures.

CM-T-03 Answering Customers Loaded Strut Questions

This course covers answering questions customers have on loaded struts.

CM-T-04 Cracking the VVT Code Often Oil Related

This course covers VVT codes related to oil.

CM-T-05 High-Mileage Engines Show Increased Wear

This course cover how high-mileage cars show increased wear.

CM-T-06 Understanding Todays Power Steering Systems

This course covers today’s power steering systems.

CM-T-07 Solving a P0299 Turbo Trouble Code

This course cover solving a P0299 turbo trouble code.

CM-T-08 It’s What You Can’t See That Matters

This course covers how what you can’t see matters the most.

CM-T-09 Belt Inspection Best Practices

This course cover belt inspection best practices.

CM-T-10 Avoid Replacing Good Electrical Components

This course cover not changing good electrical components.

CM-T-11 Dont Flush Parallel Flow Condensers

This course cover parallel flow condensers.

CM-T-12 Understanding What Dooms Ignition Coils

This course covers understanding what dooms ignition coils.

CM-T-13 How To Diagnose & Solve ETC Faults

This course covers how to diagnose & solve ETC faults.

CM-T-14 How To Solve The Wrangler Wobble

This course covers how to solve the wrangler wobble.


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