ShopOwner Series – Shop Owner Bundle



The ShopOwner Series – Shop Owner Bundle gives independent repair facility owner the information needed to seek new, profitable business opportunities. Today’s vehicle systems are more complex than ever before and the relationship between component, customer and shop employee cannot be overlooked. This video training series provides factual business and sales information that will help shop owners utilize their resources effectively.


CM-SA-09 Serpentine Belts & Their Systems

This course covers serpentine belts and systems

CM-SA-10 Rotating Electrical Parts Face Tough Conditions

This course covers rotating electrical parts.

CM-SO-01 Always Check Battery For Life, Application

This course covers checking batteries for life and application.

CM-SO-02 Blower Motor Service Is NOT a DIY Job

This course covers how blower motor service is not a DIY job.

CM-SO-03 Loaded Struts Offer Value and Safety

This course the value and safety of loaded struts.

CM-SO-04 Variable Valve Timing Is Today’s Top Technology

This course covers VVT.

CM-SO-05 High-Mileage Cars often Missed Opportunities

This course covers how hile-mileage cars are often missed opportunites.

CM-SO-06 Steering Issues Not Trivial To Customers

This course covers talking to your customer about steering issues.

CM-SO-07 Turbos Are Back & Better Than Ever

This course covers how turbos are back and better than ever.

CM-SO-08 Calculating The Cost of Comebacks

This course covers calculating the cost of comebacks.

CM-SO-09 Is a Belt Kit Right For Your Shop & Client

This course covers if a belt kit is right for your shop and client.

CM-SO-10 Why Your Customer’s Car Won’t Start

This course covers why your customer’s car won’t start.

CM-SO-11 Why Customers Should Run A/C In Winter

This course covers why your customers should run their A/C in the winter.

CM-SO-12 Todays Ignition Has Links To Yesterday

This course covers how today’s ignition coils link back to yesterday’s.

CM-SO-13 ETC Knowledge Helps Your Shop & Customers

This course covers how ETC knowledge helps your shop and your customers.

CM-SO-14 Evolution Of Safety In Control Arm Design

This course covers the evolution of safety in control arm designs.


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