ShopOwner Series – Service Advisor Bundle



The ShopOwner Series Service Advisor Bundle gives today’s service advisors information to make each sales interaction more informative for the customer and more efficient for the shop. Explanations of what may be wrong, why it occurred and how it will be repaired will make the entire service process less confusing and more effective.


CM-SA-01 Should Battery Installation be Free

This course covers if battery installation should be free or not.

CM-SA-02 Complete Blower Motor Repair Service

This course covers blower motor repair service.

CM-SA-03 Loaded Struts Reduce Hassle, Restore Ride

This course covers loaded struts.

CM-SA-04 Lack of Maintenance Can Kill VVT Systems

This course covers how a lack of maintenance can kill the VVT system.

CM-SA-05 High-Mileage Oils Keep Older Cars Performing

This course covers how oils keep high-mileage cars performing.

CM-SA-06 Steering Service Takes Customer Education

This course covers how steering service takes customer education.

CM-SA-07 What Killed Your Customers Turbo

This course covers what killed your customer’s turbo.

CM-SA-08 Cheaper Isn’t Always a Bargain

This course covers why cheaper isn’t always a bargain.

CM-SA-09 Serpentine Belts & Their Systems

This course covers serpentine belts and systems

CM-SA-10 Rotating Electrical Parts Face Tough Conditions

This course covers rotating electrical parts.

CM-SA-11 How Oil Plays A Key Role In A/C Operation

This course covers the key role oil plays in A/C operation.

CM-SA-12 Help Customers Know Ignition Functions

This course covers helping customers know ignition functions.

CM-SA-13_How Electronic Throttle Controls Operate

This course covers how electronic throttle controls operate.

CM-SA-14_Loaded Knuckles Save Repair Time & Effort

This course covers how loaded knuckles save repair time and effort.