LBT-465 Business Service Model for EV


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Previous advancements in vehicle technology have NOT impacted your store operations or your ability to be profitable. The electric vehicle changes that. This business class is designed to look at everything differently. We will cover what the differences will be in marketing, talent, technical training, facility and equipment, client communication, and key performance indicators to be profitable in this new era.

Topics Covered

  • Branding – how will consumers know your level of expertise
  • Marketing – is there a market to serve? How does it change and when
  • Hiring or developing the technician specialist
  • Technical knowledge and resources
  • Facility requirements and updates
  • Service bay equipment investments
  • Service advisor specialization for Electric Vehicle maintenance and repair
  • Your Electric Vehicle service impact on your goals, KPIs, ROI, and profits

Course Objectives:

After completing this class, the viewer will:

  • Apply Branding and Marketing EV Services to their shop business model
  • Identify talent service professionals for the EV aftermarket and ways to attract and retain them.
  • Describe the importance of training and resources related to EV service
  • Identify key facility and equipment options and improvements to foster productive EV service.
  • List key components of customer care and develop strategies to use this to increase productivity
  • Calculate profitability and the return on investment to add/enhance EV service

Runtime = 63 minutes
Credit Hours = 1.5


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