LBT-319 What You Need To Know About Lean P-Code Conditions



ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST – This class, taught by Ron Bilyeu, covers some of the most popular Diagnostic Trouble Codes that technicians face every day, P0174 and P0171 Lean Conditions.  The issue is there is such a variety of problems that can cause the engine management computer to increase fuel trim adaptation.  Once the Fuel Trims get too far away from target 0.0%, there are certain load cells programmed in the computer that are weighted to set the popular codes for each individual bank.  How many issues can cause the computer to add fuel trim?  We cover any and all with case studies from a variety of makes and models.  There will never be a code P0171/P0174 that will blindside you again!

**Manual will be included at the time of the broadcast


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