LBT-468 Dodge Cummins Diesel 6.7L Update


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Training director Tom Rayk will cover the latest Dodge Cummins Diesel 6.7L engine modifications in this course. He will discuss various topics, from engine servicing to deep diving into the fuel system.


Learn about what’s new with 6.7 Cummins engines as of 2019. This course will cover key areas that were changed, and what makes diagnosing and servicing them different along with the performance and durability improvements provided by these changes. We will also take a deep dive into the fuel systems and what to watch out for concerning high-pressure pump and injector failures. This course will also cover valvetrain, emissions systems, and turbocharger concerns.


  • 6.7 Engine Specifications
  • 2019 Upgrades
  • Asphaltenes
  • Fuel Filter Replacement and Priming Procedures
  • CP3 and CP4
  • Reading Scan Data
  • Injector Testing
  • And More

Course Objectives:

  • Explain the effects of EGR on the engine before and after the introduction of DPF and SCR systems.
  • Discuss the differences in the standard output and the high output engines.
  • Classify the changes in the 2018 and down versus the 2019 and up model year engines.
  • Explain how to efficiently service the valvetrain components.
  • Illustrate the changes made to fuel systems.
  • Execute quality and effective fuel system service practices.
  • Describe the differences between CP3 and CP4 high pressure pumps.
  • Demonstrate what it takes to accurately test common rail injectors.

Runtime = 65 minutes

Credit Hours = 1.75


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