LBT-298 Insider Secrets: Focus on Fords



In this “Insider Secrets: Focus on Ford” class, Ron will discuss Ford Eco-boost technology, turbo charging, and Variable CAM Timing (Twin-Independent VCT). Ron will share his analytical approach and what PIDS you need to be viewing, and how to use scan tool data to reduce your diagnostic time to make you more efficient when servicing ford Eco-boost systems. He will also give you an extensive look at fuel trims and how it effects the Eco-boost system.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand Turbo Charging
  • Understand Variable Cam Timing
  • Understand Gas Direct Injection (GDI)
  • Understand GDI carbon build up
  • Understand Closed Loop Boost Control
  • Electronic Throttle Control Strategies
  • Understand MAF function
  • Using scan tool in mode $06
  • Understand Ford Failsafe Cooling Strategy
  • Many more tips and tricks for diagnosing Ford’s


Course ID LBT-298
90 Minutes of Video
Unlimited Course Access
Certificate of Completion


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