LBT-422 High Voltage Component Strategies


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The course covers the components that make these vehicles unique and delves deep into their operation, their specialized components and effective diagnostic procedures. It also extensively covers the most critical subject of the lessons: safety. This class explains the vehicle’s workings, preparing the vehicle for safe diagnostic interaction, proper personal protective equipment for the technician, and recommended tools.

Topics Covered:

  • Critical thinking that leads to the proper diagnostic path
  • Inverter/converter components and their functions
  • How to test inverter/converter components
  • High voltage battery pack components and their functions
  • How to test high voltage battery pack components
  • Communicate on high voltage battery technology and components
  • Motor generator testing using labscopes
  • Important scan tool PIDs & DTC diagnostics

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participant will be able to:

  • Define the Steps to Disassemble The Inverter/Converter Assembly
  • Explain the High Voltage Battery Pack Components
  • Describe Motor Generator Proper Testing Methods
  • Understand the Most Important Scan Tool PIDs Related To HV Testing

Runtime = 118 minutes
Credit Hours = 5

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