LBT-405 Advanced System Testing Strategies



This course, Advanced System Testing Strategies, brings the experience and expertise of ASE Master Technician John Forro to an analytical approach to vehicle diagnostics. There are many pathways a technician can take to repair a vehicle, and the information presented in this class will help them determine which is the best, quickest, and most profitable direction to take. Discussions will cover the six main inputs of vehicle diagnostics: temperature, pre-and-post-O2 sensors, load sensors, demand sensors, RPM, and fuel trims, and how each path will give you results. The instructor will assist in not only gathering data but how to best interpret it. John will show how a real-world vehicle problem was assessed through multiple case studies, pathway determined, and the solution reached. The course also covers recommended practices when using pressure transducers, scan tools, and labscopes. Data Bus communications are also discussed.

Topics Covered:

  • Creative Approaches to Diagnostic Pathways
  • Choose the RIGHT way to Diagnose, the FIRST time
  • Leverage the Six Main Inputs for Diagnostics
  • Data Bus Communication Faults
  • Pressure Transducer Testing: Dipstick, Exhaust, Intake, In Cylinder
  • Use Scan Data to Your Advantage
  • Case Studies to Learn From
  • Work Smarter and Faster

Course Objectives:

  • List the important six main inputs you can acquire from scan data
  • Understand the difference and use of pre- and post- O2 data
  • Describe fuel trim schemas
  • Evaluate hands on testing procedures
  • Utilize scan tools and scan tool accessories