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AVI All Access

  Keep your diagnostic skills sharp with the AVI All Access Pass for the ability to access the information you need instantly for On The Job r ...

LS-56 Bosch Chrysler Late Model EVAP Diagnostics Update

ARCHIVED BROADCAST -  Evaporative emissions systems are changing rapidly and can be difficult to diagnose without a good understanding of the changes. Sin ...

LS-57 What You Need To Know About Rich P-Code Conditions

ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST - Have you ever had a vehicle that was running rich and really becoming aggravating and irritating? Do you have rich running vehicles ...

LBT-311 Duramax Diesel Update: L5P


This program will take you through the diagnostic procedures and component testing techniques of the low and high pressure fuel system, the new air induction system along with revised emission components to keep you up to date with GM’s latest diesel engine.


LBT-312 Advanced Scan Tool Testing Strategies


Instructor Bill Fulton covers a wide range of areas in this very comprehensive and updated course. With almost 3 hours of detailed information, technicians will have new respect for the diagnostic power of their scan tools. This course includes live on-car demonstrations, plus lots of case studies from a variety of makes and models.