PowerStop: Break-in Procedure DSL

May 7, 2020


The break-in procedure is critical to brake performance. We want your new brakes to feel good and for you to be safe. Perform 5 moderate to aggressive stops from 40mph down to 10mph in rapid succession without letting the brakes cool and do not come to a complete stop. Then perform 5 mod­erate stops from 35mph to 5mph in rapid succession without letting the brakes cool. The reason for a proper break-in is to establish an even layer of friction material deposited on the rotors from the brake pads. It is very important that this initial layer of friction material is evenly distributed.

Completing the break-in procedure correctly helps ensure your new brakes are noise and dust-free. Problems like vibration, grinding, and a spongy feeling can also be avoided by the correct break-in.