New Hybrid Training Tool Close To Completion

May 7, 2021

So John Forro, master fabricator and pretty nice guy, is close to the finish line on the new Prius build for our client in California. Let's let the pictures tell the story here.

A disassembled motor-generator located where the passenger seat once was.

A full shot of the disassembled motor-generator.

A wide shot of the passenger side of the Prius.

A non-live inverter attached to the live and active inverter for safe training.

Another view of the motor-generator

A disassembled motor-generator before mounting on the Prius.

This Prius tool is creating quite a stir in the industry from both automotive technical colleges and other training organizations. Being able to readily see the components that make an electric vehicle different and having "dead" high voltage components attached near their live counterparts is a very attractive format for teaching high-voltage vehicles. The car is also being used for student recruitment and public awareness activities.

If you're interested in having one custom built for you, give TGTA a call. Muscle car John loves cutting up these cute little EVs.