Legendary Automotive Cutaway Hybrid Training Review & Testimonial [WATCH]

April 21, 2021

April 21, 2021 – Morgantown, WV

Semi-regular readers of this blog probably have a good idea that the folks here at The Group Training Academy and Automotive Video Innovations try to keep a sense of humor on most subjects and like to align ourselves with folks who think similarly. Imagine our pleasure when we were sent a couple of YouTube web links from Legendary Auto and Truck located close to The Group Training Academy's world headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida.

A few weeks back, we loaned The Group's cutaway Toyota to Legendary Auto for advertising, promotion, and training ideas they had, and these links show some of their efforts:

The first video does an excellent job of showcasing the Prius and how TGTA, AVI, and our partners can use this truly fantastic tool to promote themselves and their services, simultaneously training their techs on EV skills within the capabilities of the Prius project.

The second video, well, is just cool. Coolness. The style reminds me of that epic Trunk Monkey campaign from a few years back; bringing humor can bring clients to your shop.

If you're interested in jumping on board, give us a ring. We can set you up with EV training, Prius advertising opportunities, and maybe even help develop your very own Trunk Monkey.

For the uninformed: Trunk Monkey