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In this hands-on workshop, your instructor will present information on how to perform proper brake service on today's modern vehicles, as well as practical information on hydraulic, power assist, parking, and drum brake systems and associated components such as wheel bearings and brake control units.

Topics include: Hydraulic systems, fluids, lines, hoses, valves, switches, repair, power assist units, and various strategies for associated electrical systems.

This course is ideal for both the new student looking to learn about braking systems and the more advanced technician seeking diagnostic techniques and ASE A-5 test preparation assistance.

8 Study Hours


  • Describe Standard Brake System Components and Operation

  • Understand Hydraulic Braking Systems and Components

  • Explain Master Cylinder Operation and Repair Procedures

  • Recall Brake Bleeding, Flushing, and Leak Testing Procedures

  • Describe Drum Brake Diagnosis and Repair Schemas

  • Understand Brake Power Assist Units

  • Relate Disc Brake Systems, Diagnostics and Repair

  • Illustrate the Operation of Non-ABS Brake Valves and Switches

  • Describe Anti-Lock Braking Systems, Diagnosis and Repair


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I thought it was very well done. John Forro, the instructor was very, very informative, very learned on the technology. This is very cutting edge. He cut this car up to allow everybody to view the process, the inner workings. He showed us all the safety concerns. Very, very thorough on testing procedures. We were very, very pleased. We've got 20 people here, and every one of them is just thrilled that you guys could do this. And we really appreciate it. Very good job. Greg Kaufeld