New Training for 2022


Advanced A/C- 609 Certification 

This live 4-hour instructor-led course will educate the automotive air conditioning technician on the new trends in both systems and refrigerants and the diagnostic tools and techniques needed to repair today's advanced A/C systems.

A heavy emphasis will be placed on automatic temperature control systems, R-1234yf, and advanced procedures and tools, pressure gauges, reclaimers/recyclers, and thermal imaging cameras.


  • A/C System Evolution

  • Advanced Pressure Gauge Usage

  • New Uses for Scan Tools in A/C Diagnostics

  • PIDs and  the Automatic Temperature Control System

  • Advanced Leak Detection

  • R-1234yf and Legacy Refrigerants

  • A/C Diagnostics Using Thermal Imaging

  • New A/C Components Such As Plastic Pressure Lines and "Line in Line"

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Instructor was very clear, very knowledgeable. As a shop that's trying to keep up with the newer cars, the things that are coming in, the things we need to get used to, we’re leaving this class with more confidence. Mark Eitel - K&M Automotive