AVI Wins Prestigious Motor Top 20 Award

September 20, 2023

The Group Training Academy Academy powered by AVI is proud to announce that Automotive Video Innovations, Inc. (AVI) has been recognized as one of the winners of the 2023 MOTOR Top 20 Awards Competition for the third consecutive year. This recognition is a testament to AVI’s commitment to excellence.

The Chillinator is AVI’s latest training aid that been turning heads and revolutionizing the market. It’s cutting-edge features have made the lives of both automotive students and technicians all that much easier by providing a product that can be used to teach automotive air conditioning concepts that students and working technicians need to know with an easily demonstrable, portable and totally self-contained unit. The Chillinator contains all the major electrical components of a Hybrid or EV’s Air Conditioning system, including a 3-phase compressor, a built-in inverter, a 12-volt battery, a thermal expansion valve, a receiver-drier, a blower motor, and easily accessible charge ports. The Chillinator is also available with a turnkey training program on Hybrid and Electric vehicles.

“Winning a Top 20 Motor Award for the third consecutive year is both an amazing achievement and an honor.” stated AVI Vice President Katie Malone. Ms. Malone continued “We look forward to leveraging this accomplishment to further inspire our team and raise the bar in the automotive industry.”

AVI’s Director of Training Tom Rayk added the following when asked about winning the award, “I am thrilled by our continued success in securing the Top 20 Motor Award.” Mr. Rayk continued “There’s nothing like the “Chillinator” in the industry. This product significantly enhances our hands-on air-conditioning training workshops.”

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