The evap systems in Ford, Chrysler, GM and Toyota vehicles are very different. That is why AVI has brought together two of our best instructors Bill Fulton and Dave Hobbs to present a comprehensive overview of the diagnostics on these systems. The course highlights all of the strategies needed to quickly and profitably diagnose EVAP systems for Ford, Chrysler and GM vehicles from 1996-2008.

This program is full of tech tips on how to detect leaks and properly seal the EVAP system. It contains proper leak detection strategies and the most common failure code testing. Bill provides the top three Ford pattern failure codes and Ford code criteria for small vs. large leaks. Bill and Dave explain the importance of the Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor and the differences between the enhanced and non-enhanced Ford and GM systems. Dave Hobbs provides his GM expertise and helps you understand the F.R.E.D’s evap system brain.

They provide valuable tips on Chrysler’s LDP (leak detection pump) and NVLD (natural vacuum leak detection), how the system works, electrical schematics, and P-code information. This course also explains why you want to use nitrogen in your testing procedure and provides hands-on testing with a smoke machine for all of these systems.

  • Bonus video on alternative uses for a smoke machine
  • Bonus section on Toyota


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