LS-32 EVAP Diagnostics: Diagnosis Module – Tank Leakage (DM-TL) System

$49.95 for 1 year


ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM –  The Bosch DM-TL leakage pump is primarily thought of as a European only device, but manufacturers like Hyundai, Kia and Mazda also used this component. The DM-TL was introduced in the late 90’s and is still being installed on production vehicles today. This LiveStreaming event sponsored by Bosch will provide an in-depth understanding of the DM-TL and how vehicle manufacturers utilize this pump to test gas vapor systems.

Topics covered:
• Detailed overview of the DM-TL components.
• Theory of operation with animated examples.
• Review the gas vapor leakage principles.
• How to test the DM-TL and system with scan tool.
• Options for manually operating and testing the DM-TL.
• How to deal with gas vapor leaks.


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