SW Service Solutions – The First Step Bundle

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“The First Step” A 9-part series that covers how to:

  • Setting goals and the right first impression.
  • Greet customers professionally
  • Focus on customers’ concerns by asking thorough diagnostic questions
  • Reaffirm your understanding of the customers’ concerns, and put their minds at ease
  • Perform a professional walk-around
  • Use a professional technique to transition into the sale
  • Inform the customers of all maintenance needs by giving benefit-based presentations
  • Build relationships to increase customer retention
  • Personalize closing techniques
  • Offer realistic promise times
  • Follow-up and inform customers throughout the day
  • Schedule the next visit

The most unique and effective service advisor training on the market! 

Fixed Ops University utilizes entertaining animations, quizzes, click-through presentations, and fill-in-the-blank handouts that will keep your advisors engaged! Our simple yet effective step by step approach will teach your advisors how to increase their sales while delivering excellent service. Your clients will never go anywhere else once they experience your new level of professional customer service.

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SW-001 The First Step Part 1 -Motivational/Customer Service

Sally Whitesell, president of sw Service Solutions and Fixed Ops University begins this series by encouraging all participants to set personal and professional goals. These are important in order to motivate the achievements that come from participating in training regularly. She will present customer relation skills by discussing the 3 most critical times for eye […]

SW-002 The First Step Part 2 – Customer Service

Sally Whitesell, president of sw Service Solutions and Fixed Ops University will continue to teach customer relation skills with a session that focuses on creating great first impressions. Enjoy fun animations illustrating the importance of giving a professional greeting while using the eye contact skills covered in the first session. Sally will provide greeting word […]

SW-003 The First Step Part 3 – Customer Service

Presenter and professional trainer Sally Whitesell, explains the importance of practicing active listening skills. She gives many steps and animated examples of how to make customers feel respected and valued as they describe their concerns. Sally will also share a list of 10 diagnostic questions that can be asked for almost any issue. This important […]

SW-004 The First Step Part 4 – Customer Service

Former service manager Sally Whitesell, continues to focus on customer relations skills at the time of the write-up. She explains the importance of showing empathy and building in the value of your facility and services, while reassuring clients about their primary concern. Your customers will walk away feeling 100% confident that their advisor listened and […]

SW-005 The First Step 5 – Customer Service

Presenter and professional trainer Sally Whitesell, explains the advantages of performing a professional interactive walk-around in almost any facility. She explains how this step can protect each shop from unfounded body damage claims while playing the game of “Show and Tell” for tire services and preventative maintenance. This step alone can play a huge part […]

SW-006 The First Step Part 6 – Customer Service

Sally Whitesell, president of sw Service Solutions and Fixed Ops University elaborates more on performing an interactive walk-around. She will present strong relationship building skills that can be used throughout the write up to build customer confidence and loyalty. This session finishes with our animated advisor using his new skills to build his clientele. Our […]

SW-007 The First Step Part 7 – Sales

Professional service advisor trainer and former service manager Sally Whitesell presents this session and demonstrates how to transition from the check-in into selling preventative maintenance without seeming pushy or aggressive. She will share a 5-step selling process that is designed to educate clients about the benefits of needed services, so they feel good about making […]

SW-008 The First Step Part 8 – Sales

Sally Whitesell, the author of Words That Sell Service, will elaborate on how to use the right words to effectively sell preventative maintenance. She will also share her expertise on how to handle the tough objections most advisors hear regularly. Her example word tracks have helped many service advisors across the country turn questions and […]

SW-009 The First Step Part 9 – Test

This final session in our First Step series serves as a review and test. Sally Whitesell will encourage participants to use their handouts and notes to answer a series of questions to insure they remember the key points from this training and are ready to implement the skills. Repetition is the key to any successful […]


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