SW Service Solutions – Package 4: Advanced Sales/Building Loyalty

$435.00 / year


  • “Developing Relationships” Two sessions to help your team will learn the most important steps to building a loyal clientele.
  • “Selling Menu Packages” Four sessions that teach how to sell combinations of services in a concise simple format.


SW-029 Developing Relationships Part 1 – Building Loyalty

Don’t make the mistake of confusing customer satisfaction for customer loyalty. Just because your customers are satisfied, doesn’t mean they’ll come back to you! Sally Whitesell, president of sw Service Solutions shows advisors how to keep customers coming back by building relationships. Spending time with your clients and building rapport during the walk-around will set […]

SW-030 Developing Relationships Part 2 – Building Loyalty

We have two ears and one mouth for a reason! Sally Whitesell of sw Service Solutions gives your advisors tips for listening to your clients in order to determine what’s important to them. Skilled listeners will gather valuable information necessary for building long-term relationships which generate customer loyalty. Sally presents a conversation tool called: “RASA” […]

SW-031 Selling Menu Packages Part 1 – Sales

Professional selling service advisors need to know their lines before they can give successful presentations. Professional trainer Kris Hampton will take your team on an epic cinematic journey as advisors learn how to give concise yet effective menu presentations. This first session will focus on how to prepare our scripts for combining tire services into […]

SW-032 Selling Menu Packages Part 2 – Sales

We are going back to the movies with the VP of sw Service Solutions Kris Hampton as we focus on how to write scripts and personalize presentations for all filter services. Kris will show your team how to sell combinations of filters using strong benefits and colorful descriptions that clients will understand. After this session, […]

SW-033 Selling Menu Packages Part 3 – Sales

There is no easier way to bump up your sales than to master selling fluid services. We do this by being prepared to deliver the most effective explanations and benefits. But don’t forget to add the personal touch!  Kris will take your team through a thorough lists of benefits for each service and then show […]

SW-034 Selling Menu Packages Part 4 – Sales

In this final session Sally Whitesell, president of sw Service solutions, gets in on the action! She will wrap up this series by showing how to add even more value to packages of services in a final presentation to “Mr. Hart.” Sally will show your teams how to sell hundreds of dollars in services by […]


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