SW Service Solutions – Package 3: Advanced Selling

$435.00 / year


  • “Selling Tires” Two classes that cover important tire facts and how to sell using the “Good, Better, Best” method to get the sale!
  • “Understanding Personalities” A four-part series that will help your advisors understand and recognize the four basic personality types so they can communicate more effectively.

The most unique and effective service advisor training on the market! 

Fixed Ops University utilizes entertaining animations, quizzes, click-through presentations, and fill-in-the-blank handouts that will keep your advisors engaged! Our simple yet effective step by step approach will teach your advisors how to increase their sales while delivering excellent service. Your clients will never go anywhere else once they experience your new level of professional customer service.

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SW-022 Selling Tires Part 1 – Sales

Rev up your tire sales by equipping your team with critical tire facts and knowledge! Professional trainer Kristopher Hampton will share recommendations from all tire manufacturers. Your advisors will be ready to educate your clients on the importance of tire maintenance and the proper timing for replacement. Your team will enjoy this racing-themed two-part series […]

SW-023 Selling Tires Part 2 – Sales

Not so fast! Many advisors speed to the close before clients are prepared to buy. sw Service Solution’s top trainer, Kristopher Hampton, will demonstrate that taking the time to show clients their tread depth while building in the value of purchasing tires in your store, will get them to the finish line. Word tracks are […]

SW-024 Understanding Personalities Part 1 – Sales/Customer Service

Does your team get frustrated and give up when customers question their recommendations? Don’t worry, the doctor is in! In this first session of our four-part series, professional service advisor trainer Kris Hampton, AKA “Dr. Kris,” will help your team learn how to recognize and communicate more effectively with the “Analytical” personality type. Your team […]

SW-025 Understanding Personalities Part 2 – Sales/Customer Service

I don’t have time for your processes! Our next personality type is the toughest unless you have listened to “Dr. Kris.” We call them the “Drivers” and they are the customers that most advisors try to avoid. Vice President of Fixed Ops University, Kristopher Hampton, will teach your team how to confidently keep control of […]

SW-026 Understanding Personalities Part 3 – Sales/Customer Service

Some clients are just so nice! Everyone loves working with the “Amiable” personality types. They are the peacekeepers of society and do everything possible to avoid confrontation. But this doesn’t mean they are pushovers. If they aren’t happy, they won’t complain, but they will not come back either! In this session, professional trainer Kris Hampton, […]

SW-027 Understanding Personalities Part 4 – Sales/Customer Service

Everyone has an opinion, especially the “Expressive” personality type. Advisors often give up with this type because they like to talk more than listen. In this session, “Dr. Kris “will show your team how to validate an Expressive’s thoughts and opinions so they will be more open to listening to maintenance recommendations. Watch as our […]


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