SW Service Solutions – Package 2: Telephone Skills

$435.00 / year


Package Includes:

  • “Telephone Skills” A four-part series for advisors and service receptionist basic skills and etiquette every professional should know before answering the phone.
  • “Advance Telephone Skills” Two sessions to help your team turn every price call into a customer by getting them through the door.

The most unique and effective service advisor training on the market! 

Fixed Ops University utilizes entertaining animations, quizzes, click-through presentations, and fill-in-the-blank handouts that will keep your advisors engaged! Our simple yet effective step by step approach will teach your advisors how to increase their sales while delivering excellent service. Your clients will never go anywhere else once they experience your new level of professional customer service.

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SW-016 Telephone Skills Part 1 – Customer Service

Poor telephone skills can cost your business thousands of dollars! This first session in a four-part pop-art style series focuses on setting a great first impression by delivering a professional greeting. Fixed Ops University Founder, Sally Whitesell uses comic-style graphics to keep your advisors engaged and entertained while learning critical skills to make each caller […]

SW-017 Telephone Skills Part 2 – Customer Service

Don’t get hung up with bad telephone practices. Every phone call is an opportunity. Professional trainer Sally Whitesell has performed telephone training for hundreds of businesses. She brings her 25 years of experience to this session as she presents the importance of using active listening skills to thoroughly qualify each call so you can respond […]

SW-018 Telephone Skills Part 3 – Customer Service

Does your shop set appointments? Is someone waiting for them to pull in with a wrench in hand? Customer service expert Sally Whitesell will give your team a new perspective on how to help your guests understand what they are scheduling so expectations are clear. Six tips for setting the appointment, although we never use […]

SW-019 Telephone Skills Part 4 – Customer Service

One small miscommunication can wreck your customers perception. Professional service trainer Sally Whitesell will provide a list of “What not to Say”. By helping your team understand how simple statements like “We should be able to get that done quickly” can cause a negative domino effect. This session is full of bad examples of phrases […]

SW-020 Advanced Telephone Skills 1 – Customer Service

Breaking bad habits doesn’t come easily. Turn price shoppers into customers by getting them in the door. Professional service advisor trainer Sally Whitesell, gives your team the right words to entice callers to come into your shop. We guarantee you’ve encountered this customer before. Our benefit-based presentation format will be revisited with some slight changes […]

SW-021 Advanced Telephone Skills 2 – Customer Service

It doesn’t take a chemist to see that an objection isn’t always a “no.” Giving up too soon is costing your shop thousands of dollars. Watch Sally demonstrate how to get clients in the door by using phrases and techniques that will persuade even the toughest clients (like Mr. White) to come to your shop. […]


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