SW Service Solution – Package 1: Sales

$435.00 / year


Package includes:

  • “Service Writer verses Professional Service Advisor” A fun look at the differences between a reactive order taker and a successful pro-active advisor.
  • ” Learning Benefits” A four-part series that teaches the simple yet effective benefits for all preventative maintenance items.
  • “Asking Diagnostic Questions” Advisors receive clear instruction on how to get the most important diagnostic information so that your shop stays productive.

The most unique and effective service advisor training on the market! 

Fixed Ops University utilizes entertaining animations, quizzes, click-through presentations, and fill-in-the-blank handouts that will keep your advisors engaged! Our simple yet effective step by step approach will teach your advisors how to increase their sales while delivering excellent service. Your clients will never go anywhere else once they experience your new level of professional customer service.

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SW-010 Service Writer versus Professional Service Advisor – Motivational/Customer Service

What’s the difference between an “order-taker” and a service advisor? This entertaining superhero-style session explores the proactive attitude, organizational skills and strong work habits of a successful service advisor. These traits are compared to a ho-hum reactive service writer. A self-evaluation worksheet will be provided as a handout to help your team recognize the changes […]

SW-011 Learning Benefits Part One – Sales/Customer Retention

How do you build so much value into your oil change service that your clients never want to go anywhere else? Sally Whitesell, author of the nationally acclaimed book “Words That Sell Service,” equips your team to give a benefit-based presentation for multiple oil services and an air filter replacement. These professional presentations will keep […]

SW-012 Learning Benefits Part Two – Sales/Customer Retention

Tire service benefits and 5-step selling word tracks will prepare your team to successfully add rotations, balances and alignments to other services. Professional trainer and author Sally Whitesell, reviews manufacturer recommendations so your advisors are equipped to help clients feel confident about what they are purchasing. These valuable lists of benefits and word tracks will […]

SW-013 Learning Benefits Part Three – Sales/Customer Retention

Your advisors can’t sell services they don’t understand! Sally Whitesell, President of Fixed Ops University, will use her five-step selling format to demonstrate how to explain and sell fuel-enhancing services. Professional word tracks and lists of benefits will be reviewed for fuel filters, fuel induction services and differential services. These explanations are critical in helping […]

SW-014 Learning Benefits Part Four – Sales/Customer Retention

No more flush! Sally’s material for fluid exchanges has been used for training by many of the leading fluid providers in the country. Author of “Words that Sell Service,” Sally Whitesell provides word tracks with benefits to help your team give professional benefit-based presentations for all fluid exchanges. She will give your team examples of […]

SW-015 Asking Diagnostic Questions – Customer Service/Technical

“I’m sorry, but your car didn’t make it.” This is something your guests will never hear if your advisors know how to get the critical information necessary for an accurate diagnosis. This medical drama-themed session is entertaining while educating your advisors to ask the right questions in order to gain a complete understanding of each […]


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