Standard Motor Products Training Bundle


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This course consists of 20 training classes from Standard Motor Products


LBT-335 Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems: Repair Opportunities for the Service Provider

In this session we will discuss the various components such as cameras, radars, blind spot detection modules, and park assist sensors and review service opportunities and procedures for the aftermarket. 

SMP-01 ABS and Vehicle Stability Control

ABS is the core element used for vehicle stability systems. New active wheel speed sensors combined with active control of braking and throttle controls have made vehicles much safer.

SMP-02 Automotive HVAC Fundamentals

A good understanding of what makes an automotive HVAC work can improve the quality of your service, reduce comebacks, and create satisfied customers.

SMP-03 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel Overview

Chevrolet has teamed up with Isuzu to bring yet another winning Duramax engine to their diesel offerings. Beginning in 2016, the new 2.8L Duramax has been available for the Chevrolet Colorado.

SMP-04 Chrysler/Jeep Tips and Tricks

Chrysler and Jeep engine controls have undergone big changes and are now using a common engine control module design. You need good information to successfully diagnose driveability and emissions problems on these vehicles.

SMP-05 Electronic Transmission Control Diagnosis

In this class, we will cover diagnostic tips to help you decide if a driveability concern is caused by the engine or the transmission. We will use case studies to demonstrate additional failures.

SMP-06 Electronic Transmission Fundamentals

Transmissions also contain integral sensors and control actuators. You might be surprised to know that you can fix many transmission complaints using the same techniques you use for driveability diagnosis.

SMP-07 Gasoline Fuel Injection Fundamentals

In this class we will look at the evolution of fuel injection from throttle body to direct injection. We will demonstrate diagnosis and repair procedures using several case studies.

SMP-08 Guerilla Diagnostics

Technicians are often faced with diagnostic dilemmas without the benefit of accurate service information, OE scan tools, and lab scopes.

SMP-09 HVAC r1234yf Update

Technicians are often faced with diagnostic dilemmas without the benefit of accurate service information, OE scan tools, and lab scopes.

SMP-10 Hyundai/Kia Tips and Tricks

These cars have some unique operation and diagnostic quirks which can lead you down the wrong path. This class will help you get ready to diagnose common problems and be profitable while doing it.

SMP-11 Key Off Draw Diagnosis

In days gone by, a simple test light could be used to identify whether an excessive amperage draw on the battery was present. However, modern vehicles require more sophisticated testing and an understanding of the vehicle network and Power Moding.

SMP-12 Light Truck Diesel Fundamentals

In this class we will examine the differences between gasoline and diesel engines. We will cover the different types of injectors and fuel delivery systems used on common engines. Proper installation techniques will be demonstrated.

SMP-13 Misfire Diagnostic Fundamentals

In this class, we will look at what causes a misfire, how the computer determines one is occurring, and how different manufacturers display the information. This class will improve your misfire diagnostic skills.

SMP-14 Modern Valve Actuation Systems

Valve actuation systems have undergone major changes in the last decade. Variable timing and variable lift are now common place and in some cases exist together on the same engine.

SMP-15 More Duramax Diesel Tips & Tricks

The Duramax engine has undergone a number of changes over the years and presents technicians with many service opportunities as well as diagnostic challenges.

SMP-16 More Electrical Puzzles

In this class we will diagnose electrical problems relating to engine performance, HVAC, and body control systems.

SMP-17 Relay Testing and Diagnosis Fundamentals

Vehicles are full of relays. Some can be replaced separately and some are integrated in modules which must be replaced as an assembly. You need a fast and accurate method to diagnose them.

SMP-18 Scan Data Diagnostics Fundamentals

The use of scan data for diagnosing vehicle faults with or without stored DTCs can be very powerful. What is often missing in training is how to leverage the information.

SMP-19 Sensor Diagnostics

There are many types of sensors being used on vehicles today to measure pressure, temperature, position, and mass. This class will help you to understand how they work and to troubleshoot problems with them.

SMP-20 Voltmeter Fundamentals

In this class we will show you how to use your meter to test a variety of circuits and improve your ability to get the most from this powerful tool.

SMP-31 Vehicle Electronics Fundamentals Part 1: Defining Electronics

The goal of this training series is to prepare technicians to diagnose and repair vehicle electronic systems successfully. Each training segment will reinforce the concepts taught with exercises and a case study.


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